Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trying to decide where to start

Trying to decide where to start is the always the hardest thing.  I have a box full of ancient photos, a couple of books on my family's history and a headful of stories. 

I guess maybe a "pedigree" would be in order so that those who are trying to decide if they are long lost cousins or other apron string relatives can really see if we are related or if my ancestors fit into your family's history.

My name at birth was Mildred Jeanne Evans.  I was born in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida.  My parents are John Dixon Evans, Sr, and Frances (Floyd) Evans.  My siblings are Susan Evans, Mary Linda Evans (Golden) and John Dixon Evans, Jr.  It is thru my father that I have been able to trace most of my ancestry, and I will probably concentrate on that part of the family tree, although as I find information on the Floyd side, I will add that as I go.

The two books that I have on my family's history are "Shanks" which can be seen at: 
They have used copies for 2.99 as of today's date.  I have bought this and have read the first chapter, kind of dry but will keep at it.
The other book is History of Nathaniel Evans and his Descendants by James Daniel Evans.  It appears as if though it may be self published and is in poor shape.  I would like to begin to scan the information in this book so that it will be preserved here for those who would like to access it in the future.  Bear in mind that posts in a blog begin with the newest posts, so you would have to work backwards to read this information.

This blog will also give me a chance to tell family stories from my parents and siblings so that these stories will be available to any who would be interested in them.

I guess the next step will be to begin scanning photographs and deciding if stories will go along with these photographs.